Assessment Locations

Locations for a Rule 25 Chemical Assessment

A Rule 25 is an interview with a mental health professional. Michael 612.249.3656 is a Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor and Rule 25 Assessor. He has received advanced training at Harvard University in addictive disorders. Michael is an expert in determining if a person really has a problem with alcohol or other drugs. By meeting with Michael, you will:

  • be listened to. You know yourself better than anyone and Michael understands this.
  • be respected. Michael will show you the respect you would expect from any other medical professional.
  • have a personal advocate. Michael will advocate for you to lawyers, prosecutors, judges, and correctional officers.
  • be informed. Chemical Health "Rule 25" Assessments can be a confusing, scary process and Michael will guide and through the process every step of the way.

Where can I meet Michael?

You can visit Michael in his office. Michael also understands that transportation may be in issue for some patients. Michael provides flexible, mobile appointments and can meet you throughout in following counties and cities: